The December 2022 version of the Interest Group newsletter reflected on its continued work around the EU's 'Healthier Together' Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) initative, and Interest Group Chair Sirpa Pietikäinen's meeting with the European Allergy and Asthma Youth Parliament. We also said goodbye to outgoing Interest Group members and welcomed new ones.

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The April 2022 version of the Interest Group newsletter looks at the even on unmet needs hosted by the Interest Group, and reflects on the work of the European Allergy and Asthma Youth Parliament.

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2021 was a varied and productive year for the European Allergy and Asthma Youth Parliament, who built on the launch of their EU policy recommendations to advocate for the needs of young patients living with allergy and asthma at the European level.

WHO Europe established a high-level Pan-European Commission on Health and Sustainable Development to review policy priorities in Europe around health while drawing on lessons learnt from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The European Allergy and Asthma Youth Parliament took part in the European Youth Event (EYE) to deliver the voice of young patients living with allergy and asthma to the EU in a list of ideas presented to Conference on the Future of Europe. They attended a workshop to advocate for an awareness raising campaign on the impact climate change has on health, as well as to ask for concrete measures to reduce its consequences.

The first 2021 edition fof the newsletter was published in April. While a new year presents new policy areas of focus, the Interest Group stays commited to policy that can benefit people living with allergy and asthma, including a European Parliament own initiative report on better enforcement of current air quality standards.

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The fourth and final edition from 2020 of the newsletter is out. While reflecting on the challenges and opportunities 2020 has brought, it also looks towards a more positive 2021 brought by the implementation of flagship health initiatives such as EU4Health and Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, as well as health-relevant Green Deal components such as the Zero Pollution Action Plan.

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On 10 December 2020, the European Parliament Interest Group on Allergy & Asthma and the European Allergy & Asthma Youth Parliament will launch its recommendations "Growing up with Allergy and Asthma - How EU policymakers can support young allergy and asthma patients live better lives".

The third edition of the newsletter from 2020 is out. As well as welcoming new members to the Interest Group, it covers EU policy developments with health as a top priority to address immediate and long-term needs.

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The July edition of the Interest Group's "Allergy and Asthma Exchange" in 2020 is out. Amongst others, the issue covers the new EU4Health Programme and introduces the Interest Group's Statement on the European Green Deal.